Nick & Skism give us the low down on Never Say Die Records


Thursday October 27 2011


Questions for Never Say Die Records & Skism

1 – Please give us a brief history of how the label came about and when

Label started in late 2009 when Tommy Dash aka Ctrl-Z was looking for a new outlet for his music and Nick Sadler aka Demus had just left full time work to get more involved in the music industry. Tommy suggested starting a label together and after some long conversations discussing how its probably the worst time to start a label we decided to go ahead with it. We both have a passion for bass music that pushes the boundaries, which is pretty much the style we look to release. Although we release drum’nbass and electro one of the reasons we are releasing so much dubstep is that it’s been the most innovative music styles out there.


2 – Did you set out with any kind of grand plan or did it just happen organically

There was a definite grand plan from word go and everything we aimed to do has happened which we are really blessed for. Lots of people early on believed in what we are doing and we have had many people help us along the way. That being said there is definitely an organic side to the business, which is important as things change so quickly in the industry and you have to be ready to move, adapt and look for new opportunities constantly.

3 – How did you and Skism first get together & what was your first release

Skism was Tommys new dubstep project so the debut EP was naturally going to come out on Never Say Die. The EP was called ‘Down with the Kids’ and included the now legendary tune ‘Rave Review’

4 – How do you decide what singles or albums to release on the label and do the artists have any input in the process

Its usually decided on what the artist has recently released and how it fits into the grand plan for developing the artist. While Tommy is typically the ‘ears’ of the business and has an important role in shaping the sound of an artist a big part of the process is letting the artists decide what they want to put out there. After that’s decided we then come up with innovative ways on how the music should be marketed and exposed to the fans

5 – Where in the world are your artists and the label most popular

Based on sales and fans we would have to say its about 1/3 UK 1/3 US and 1/3 rest of world. There are some pockets of the world where fans are really passionate about the music and those places would be Australia, New Zealand. And Belgium.

6 – people may be surprised to know we are massive in ?

Not really any surprises – but South Africa has is picking up now and Skism was the first A-list DJ to play down there!

7 – Please tell us about your most successful releases so far on the label

The first biggest release would have to be the Flux Pavilion Remix of Cracks on NSDX005 which is turning into a classic. The Foreign Beggars Still Getting It feat. Skrillex has also been a big success for us as well and has been getting a lot of love on the radio

8 – In most genres of music you have sub genres. how is this affecting the dubstep scene in general

The big difference is between the original dubstep producers like the Benga’s and Caspa’s and the new post-dubstep producers like Flux Pavilion and Skrillex. I think there is sometimes a division in the fans, but from a producers point of view they all have respect for each other. At the end of the day there is room for everyone to make great music and get it out there to fans of both sides

9 – what other acts are on the label

Foreign Beggars

Dodge and Fuski




7a please give a brief history of releases
NSDX001 – The Freestylers – Ruffneck ’09
NSDX002 – Foreign Beggars – Get a bit More / Still Getting it

NSDX003 – Affinity – Static

NSDX004 – Mindflow – Switched
NSDX005 – Freestlyers – Cracks
NSDX006 – Cutline – Die For You
NSDX007 – SKisM – Down with the Kids EP
NSDX008 – Dodge and Fuski – Come Again EP
NSDX009 – Document One – Breakdown EP
NSDX010 – Foreign Beggars – Harder They Fall EP
NSDX011 – Skeptiks – Cobwebs / Under the Bed

10 – the foreign beggars track is blowing up for you guys right now how did that all come about

Tommy is a good friend of the FB’s so there was already a relationship there. We had really good success with the NSDX002 Beggars release so when they were looking for an outlet for the EP we where a natural choice.

11 – the last 12 months has been very interesting for dubstep i.e. commercials, big record deals,massive shows and collaborations what effect do you think this will have

It will have the obvious effect of commercialising the scene which has its good points and bad points which we won’t go into here ? But nothing lasts forever so I think if your able to stay true to your roots and make a bit of money out of it then go for it.

12 – tell us what we can expect from you guys in the near future and what releases you have coming up

We have single out from new guys to the scene Skeptiks. 501 has an EP next month which is musically amazing. One to watch is Zomboy, his debut EP is out this summer is going to be massive. Towards the end of the year we have a CD compilation coming out and will be doing our first live shows.

13 – if you could have any other dubstep act on your label who would it be and why ?

Hmmmm – that’s a tough one. The honest answer is pretty much anyone we have worked with in the last 12 months that are not signed to the label. So much talent out there!

14 – what would be your all time dream collaboration

SKisM and Flux Pavilion vs Skrillex and Deadmau5 featuring Wolfgang Gartner remixed by Noisia

15 – please feel free to give anyone a mention who has helped the label along the way or works behind the scenes for you guys and makes Never Say Die what it is today .

Shout outs to our designers James Zanoni and Pete @ Peraworks, our webmaster Steve Voscillate, Lee and Chris @ UAA, Chris @ ST holdings, Reg and Matt @ Dented, Jeryl @ Infectious PR, Abel @ Fingerlicking, Olli @ 720 Bass, Eddie Temple Morris, Mistajam @ Radio 1, , Leo @ Darling Radio, the Circus crew, the Rotton crew, all the DJ’s that supported the music and all the fans that have supported us!

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